Why Have Video Content?

Video content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on consistently creating and delivering valuable & relevant information to your target audience: your prospective customers and purchase influencers. Video plays an increasing HUGE role in this due to the sheer fact that people engage with video more than other content.  Why read an e-book, white paper, case-stury, blog post, email when you can watch it!  SHOW and tell! Let us help you get noticed, enhance your brand, and grow your business.

Get a Free Video Consultation


We take care of everything, start to finish. We can shoot in any city. Locally, nationally, globally.

We come up with the vison that best relates your brand. If you have own concepts, we can help you bring them to life.

Video Creation and Strategy

We help you write a script that will convey your brand. If you have one for us to produce, we do that too.

Script Development

Pre Production

The million little things that happen before a shoot.  locations, permits, props, wardrobe, transportation, and all around organizational madness.


Where the magic happens.

Post Preduction

Where the magic happens, too.  This is editing, motion graphics, animations and soundtrack.

We can also make sure people see the your video, through paid and organic promotion.

Video Promotion

Featured Video Branding
Featured Services

Buisness Branding




Artist EPK




Featured Services

Buisness Branding Videos:


All businesses need video in this Internet-driven world. Do not fall short of reaching your potential customers visually by having a compelling video marketing campaign.






Artist and coaching EPK Videos


Not many people outside the industry know what an EPK is. EPK means Electronic Press Kit. Simply, an EPK is an electronic version of the press kit for your Art. Whether you're a musican, visual artist, Lifestlye coach, or creative, our team at holistic Studios want to help you  represent your creativity to world.






Event Videos:


Need a specific moment recorded? Whether it is a party, business outing, or a book club, Holistic Studios will give you the chance to show off how popular you are with video.






Realastate Videos:


You usually only have one chance for a potential buyer to determine what their first impressions are of the house they see online.  Having your home photographed professionally is an investment that isn’t just a benefit in helping your listing stand above the others, it’s a requirement.   I’m passionate about photography and architecture and would love to talk to you about how I can help you.





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